Swasti SempulurSwasti Sempulur is a researcher assistant at Center for Health Policy and Management (CHPM), Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University. One of her main duty is manage website content on HIV and AIDS policy including regular thematic articles, Community of practice, and up date all events related with CHPM activities. Furthermore, as researcher assistant she also actively engaged in all research conducted by CHPM – AIDS Policy. She is anthropologist with almost 10 years experiences working in HIV and AIDS response in various local and international NGOs. She is well trained in HIV/AIDS specific intervention such as Harm Reduction (HR) program, sexual transmission program particularly for female sex worker sexual and reproductive health on migrant worker program. In addition, she also has experience in other health related program such as Malaria program and strengthening leadership and management capacities for health services delivery. She also has good knowledge on monitoring and evaluating program implementation and experiences in both quantitative and qualitative research.